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Kindred Souls - Age of the Psykinetics

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Kindred Souls - Upcoming Scenes!

Warning: The following material contains spoilers!

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Arik, Eve and the Lost Plains:

"Eve, I'm sorry—please, just stop!" He was reduced to begging. She was simply a force that he could not control by any means. Whether it was the Grey blood that ran through her system or the Kindred soul that lay within her very being, Eve was the only creature he'd ever been matched against that he absolutely had no control over! "Just open your eyes and see where you are. Please!"

Then it was suddenly ending. The lights began coming on in the room. He could see it even behind his closed lids as she stopped the endless draw of energy from the fortress. He was breathing hard, panting as he continued to release what had been absorbed into him from her. The heat emanating from her chest began to cool, although his hands felt as though they were still on fire against her.

She ceased her struggle to be free from him, slumping back against him as though all the strength she possessed simply drained from her body. Arik was sweating madly, his muscles cramping from holding her so tightly.

"Look upon the room," he breathed into the back of her neck. "You are not there," he promised her.

Just as he thought it was at an end, she was suddenly clawing at his arms, electric spikes casting out in wild arcs, piercing his skin as she ripped out of his hold. He had no strength left with which to restrain her. He knelt where he was, ready to accept whatever came next, yet she merely whipped around, staring him down with the deadliest look in her eyes as she viewed him.

Whether she saw him as the enemy now or not, he could not say. She was pinning him in place with a look that told him she'd like to kill him now, in place of those she would have incinerated in the netherworld. Her teeth clenched and she was fairly hissing as she breathed in and out in rapid succession.

"Get out," she seethed as she stood over him.

She was putting the pieces together one by one. He could see that she was. She knew what he'd done and the betrayal in her eyes left their mark on his soul as he felt himself flooding with intense guilt and remorse.

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